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Embedded system programming & development interest is becoming more popular

  Over the years there has been a growing interest in embedded systems development and programming as part of science technology and computer research. Due to the obligation to present a project or research in science in many schools, colleges, or universities, this subject is becoming necessary and acceptable day by day. In most cases, science projects are gaining importance as electronics and embedded system programming. This is because of their easy availability and the availability of lots of information on the Internet. photo: Arduino board, an example of an embedded board  Arduino Board is a top choice for beginners of electro-embedded designers because of this less complexity and availability of lots of resources online. easy and attractive beginning to an embedded programming platform is Arduino.  to be continued...  writer: Repon Sheikh 

Students' interest in science fair is increasing

At present, students are becoming interested in science fairs at the school and college levels. photo credit :

Communal harmony is declining in Bangladesh

In recent decades, religious and communal ties have been downgraded almost everywhere in Bangladesh, from villages to cities. to be continued ...

Electric vehicle and potential Bangladesh

  Abstract :  Analyzing different ways, it seems the number of local and Chinese tech-based electric vehicles increasing incessantly. Although there are quite a few differences between the vehicles used in Bangladesh and the electric vehicles used in the developed world, there is some critical adequacy, notable among them is fuel economy. The core of this topic will be a comparative discussion of why vehicle types are changing rapidly, including fuel efficiency. Introduction:  The worldwide electric vehicle market is constantly increasing day by day. All are anxious about climate change, ice is melting quickly, and the level of seawater is becoming higher and higher which can inundate many places of the world. Bangladesh is one of the most notable victims countries during the climate crisis Although this country has no responsibility in this regard. Scientists have identified that the main cause of climate change is the excessive emission of co2 gas though Bangladesh has the lowest rol