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AI Technology & Medical Service Integration is very Essential for Whom?

For whom AI and medical services have become urgent?

 the name of the country, Bangladesh may come upstairs in response to the question. Bangladesh is a very important country in South Asia and most of the sides of this country are surrounded by the Indian border. According to the data published the year of 2018 in the UK-based medical and public health magazine Lancet, Bangladesh is ranked 133rd among 195 countries in respect of medical and health services. Not only in Bangladesh but financially underdeveloped or developing countries the quality of medical care is weak. Getting these skilled doctors also becomes difficult. On the other hand, Bangladesh's position in the production and export of drugs is at the top of the underdeveloped country, but according to data obtained by 2020, Bangladesh was ranked 72nd in global drug exports.

Although Bangladesh has achieved a lot of supremacy in the production of medicine, it is viewed, but it is far behind in medical care. Today's article is on the issue of how much Artificial Intelligence technology can play a role in the underdeveloped or developing world. 

Considering the situation, it is important to modernize the medical system and ensure the availability of medical services at low cost in poor or developing states. It is still very difficult to get low-cost and modern medical care in different parts of Bangladesh. Moreover, skilled and experienced doctors have taken the medical sector to the business scope instead of service. An ordinary farmer does not get the service of an experienced doctor for 5-10 minutes even with the total income of the day.

Apart from these, most of the time experienced doctors are not able to provide medical care to a patient without various tests. general people have to pay a large sum of money in terms of different kinds of tests or examinations.  The very shameful and sad thing is that the doctor gets a commission from test or examination fees that a patient spends to test in a diagnostics center. On the other hand, since the doctor will write what kind of medicine the patient will take, the doctor has a variety of alluring offers from drug production companies so that the medicine of a specific company is written.

It is often seen that an ordinary person does not want to go to the doctor with his small illness because of fear the doctor will advise him to do many expensive tests. As a result, minor diseases will become larger in size and more critical, but at those times it becomes harder to get rid of an illness and can't avoid unexpected death. On the other hand, due to the additional fees of doctors, most people have taken the medicine with the help of a hammer doctor from the general pharmacy, but in some cases, the problem is subsequently caused by a severe problem.

To solve these kinds of problems, we can seek the help of AI technology, such as this AI program will continue to provide medical care instead of a doctor. In this case, initially, the AI program will require machine learning experts and skilled doctors to prepare the program perfectly. This technology initially needs doctor supervision, but once the need is reduced. A huge database will be created with the various diseases and the effectiveness of the drug used to solve them. everyone can get medical care at home through this AI technology in the fastest time instead of a hammer doctor. Since Bangladesh is in a strong position in the pharmaceutical industry, Only by entering the age of AI doctors will be protected from various diseases and premature deaths very essentially. 

Writer: Repon Sheikh, Research & Development Engineer


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